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The health economics research theme within CERVIVA has a particular focus on cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA). CEA involves estimating the all the costs and health benefits that flow from a healthcare intervention and choosing the programme that maximises health gain for a given health budget. Applying CEA to screening for early stage disease involves comparing alternative testing technologies, considering how often to screen people and at what ages to start and stop screening. The goal this research is to find the most effective cervical screening strategy possible with acceptable resource demands on the Irish health system.

Enhancing the Evidence Base for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Ireland: Building Improvements from the Intervention-Specific to System-Wide Levels


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Dr James O’Mahony is leading this Health Research Board Emerging
Investigator Award (EIA) which contains three principal components. The first addresses the
theoretical and empirical basis for the cost-effectiveness threshold
used to determine if an intervention represents good value for money.
The second examines common methodological problems in


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