New paper on recommendations for dealing with aspects of time in health economic evaluations

CERVIVA health economist, Dr James O'Mahony, has collaborated with researchers in Rotterdam and Sydney to publish an important paper that looks at aspects of time in health economic modelling, The article entitled Dealing with Time in Health Economic Evaluation: Methodological Issues and Recommendations for Practice was recently accepted for publication in the PharmacoEconomics. The research concerns how time is modelled in cost-effectiveness analysis. It considers the particular issues surrounding structure of models regarding the number of cohorts simulated. This topic is particularly pertinent to the simulation of population screening programmes and primary prevention of infectious diseases. The paper uses examples from cervical screening and HPV vaccination to illustrate these issues. It also considers the issues of simulation cycle lengths and discounting. This work was done in collaboration with Dr Joost van Rosmalen of Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Dr Tony Newall of the University of New South Wales, Sydney. A link to download the pdf of the full paper can be found here