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CERVIVA leads a large number of research projects. Click here to see a description of each project and an explanation of how it contributes to our understanding of the HPV virus


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HPV Primary Screening Pilot Study: molecular testing of potential triage strategies for HPV-positive women - The CERVIVA HPV Primary Screening Pilot is exploring the use human papillomavirus (HPV) testing as a first-line cervical screening method. The current method of examining smear test samples is called PAP test where the cells from your smear test... more
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CERVIVA is a multidisciplinary research consortium led by Trinity College Dublin, with multiple partners in universities, research institutions and hospitals across Ireland and internationally. Click to see our research team


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Photo of Mairead O'Connor
Researcher / ICE Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Researchers and projects from the CERVIVA consortium are often featured in media and news in Ireland. Get the latest updates from the currently operational CERVIVA projects on this page